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recent and current

The Proof and the Pudding

Sweet Reason:
A Field Guide to Modern Logic

With Tom Tymoczko and Jay Garfield

1st edition
2nd edition

The Mystery of the Sealed Box

with Fred Henle

The Language of Change

With David Cohen

Jones and Bartlett

Outline of Set Theory

Dover Books

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Odd Projects

Infinitesimal Calculus

With Eugene Kleinberg

Dover Books

Modelling inequality with a single parameter

With Nick Horton and Stephanie Jakus

The Northampton Woodwind Quintet

With Jim Weber, Joyce Schlef, Erin Lylis, and Roger Clapp

From Joseph Haydn to Elvis Costello--music for your graduation, wedding, elopement, or divorce.

Where the camera was

With Katherine Byers

Download geometry paper

The Senate Game

With Donald Baumer

In the style of Magic: The Gathering--
a card game which models the action of the United States Senate

Calculus on strong partition cardinals

Download set theory paper