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Mathematics & Statistics Minors & Concentration


Definitive information on the minors can be found on the registrar's Web site.

Mathematics Minor

The minor in mathematics consists of 211 and 16 credits taken from among the following: 153, 205, and courses numbered above 211, including two courses above 218. Four of the credits may be replaced by eight credits from the list in the description of major requirements found above.

Mathematical Statistics Minor

Applied Statistics Minor

The minor in applied statistics does not require MTH 211, but consists of five courses:

Detailed information about the statistics minor can be found here.

Please note: Some courses, including topics courses and Special Studies, might fall into different groups in different years depending on the material covered. Normally, all courses that are counted towards either the major or minor must be taken for a letter grade.

Biomathematical Sciences Concentration

The Biomathematical Sciences Concentration allows students to integrate the study of mathematics, statistics, computer science and engineering with biology, biochemistry and neuroscience. In addition to the gateway course, the electives and the capstone, the concentration includes two hands-on research experiences in labs that use the tools of the mathematical and computer sciences to parse the meaning of biological phenomena.