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Post–Baccaulaureate and Graduate Programs

Post–Baccalaureate Program

Sponsored by the Center for Women in Mathematics, the Postbaccalaureate Program is for women with bachelor's degrees who did not major in mathematics or whose mathematics major was light. This program is open to all women who have graduated college with some course work in mathematics above the level of calculus, and a serious interest in pursuing mathematics further.

Masters of Arts in Teaching

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics cooperates with the Department of Education and Child Study to offer a one–year Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program.

During one summer and two semesters, MAT candidates take three courses in mathematics and all the coursework required for secondary teacher certification in Massachusetts. The program includes a semester–long internship in a local school.

Applicants for the MAT program in mathematics should have an undergraduate degree in mathematics. College graduates with a different major will be considered, if their undergraduate education included a strong foundation in mathematics.

Fifth Year MS in Statistics

Qualified graduates of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics can apply to the University of Massachusetts / Amherst to earn a Masters degree in statistics in a fifth year. Details of the program can be found here.